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"When we first met Karma B we were fascinated and overwhelmed by their passion, their art and their ability to communicate important social messages.

Yes, it was a lightning strike and we felt that our synergy would bring something new."

So it was ... click HERE and read the article by JFM Just Fashion Magazine to discover our collaboration with KarmaB .

Karma B pay homage to femininity, they are men who love women to the point of putting themselves in their shoes. They believe, they confess, that a way that enhances the values ​​of femininity is a fairer and fairer world. The world of the future, since, as Karma B underline, “feminism is independent of sexuality, we should all be feminists, men in the first place

The artistic collaboration with BallsMania®

More than twenty years have passed since the Karma B started working together; but these two Sicilian artists have always been committed to creating a concept of creativity that passed through their particular costumes, made of tinfoil, wire and tubes.

Today, Karma B has woven a collaboration with BallsMania®, a brand of designer Mirta Frosini, who is also the owner of Mirta Accessori Moda srl. In fact, this month they will officially be the first Drag Queen in Italy to advertise the jewelry brand.

... continue reading the article here

Ballsmania® , Registered Design and 100% Made in Italy – which has been given credit for bringing color to the world of bijoux.

On our website www.ballsmania.en you can find necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings of the color you prefer.

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