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Ballsmania … pure london show

Aggiornamento: 17 set 2020

Balls® Collection

A colour for every special emotion of women

We are so excited: in a few days we will leave for London where we will present our Balls® collection.

On the occasion of PURE LONDON SHOW we present the NEW BALLS® SUPERSTAR collection …

Balls® Collection is a Registered Design created by Mirta Frosini , stylist of the brand and owner of Mirta Accessori Moda srl, a company that since 1998 has been producing accessories for important Italian and foreign clothing houses.

Balls® Collection consists of necklaces, bracelets , earrings, rings and comes in more than 100 different colours. We wanted to bring colours to the world of jewellery ... and we did it!  You can mix Balls® collection to create endless, wonderful colour games.

"Our accessory represents the person that wears it :

it shows their passion,  creativity and joy"

For more information : MIRTA ACCESSORI MODA - STAND V145

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